Computer Information Systems

Make an impact on computer systems and the bottom line as a computer information systems professional.

The computer information systems (CIS) A.A.S. program at Monroe Community College puts you at the intersection of business and technology. You’ll build skills that are coveted by every employer, developing the ability to make computer systems – and the employees who use them – smarter and more productive.

Learn to program, develop websites, build databases, and streamline communications networks. This field has high growth potential and relies on skills that can’t be easily outsourced. You’ll find opportunities in a wide range of organizations, including:

  • Medicine
  • National defense
  • Business
  • News media
  • Education

Computer Information Systems Grads Know How to Do Business

MCC’s computer information systems A.A.S. program emphasizes the skills you need for employment in customer service and technical support.

Core courses provide you with a solid base of communication, interpersonal, analytical and problem-solving skills, along with a basic understanding of programming, networks, and databases. You’ll also learn business fundamentals such as:

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Management

Become a CIS Pro and Join One of America’s Fastest Growing Fields

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer information systems is one of America’s hottest fields, and expected to grow 15% by 2022. Companies like these continue to look for new CIS professionals:

  • UB Micro
  • Lance Soft, Inc.
  • Unisys Corporation
  • Lenel Systems International
  • Verdata, LLC

This career associate degree includes an internship component, where you’ll gain valuable work experience while earning college credit. Upon graduation, you’ll be ready for many entry-level positions, including:

  • Telecommunications equipment installer and repairer
  • Demonstrator and product promoter
  • Computer user support specialist
  • Computer technician
  • Computer network architect
  • Help desk analyst

To find out more about the computer information systems A.A.S. from Monroe Community College, contact the admissions office at or (585) 292-2200.

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A.A.S. Degree - Career Program

Department:Business Administration

School(s): Business & Entrepreneurial Studies

CIP Code: 11.0201
MCC Program Code: CI01
NYSED Code (BRI): 01227

This program will develop the skills and knowledge needed by students who plan to seek employment as technical support specialists, help desk technicians, and customer service support associates. Students will obtain an understanding of programming, networks and databases as well as basic knowledge of business fundamentals such as accounting, marketing, economics and management. The core courses within this program provide students with a solid base of communication, interpersonal, analytical and problem solving skills.

This program is not designed as a transfer program. Students who plan to transfer to a four-year college to earn their Bachelor's degree should discuss their plans with an advisor as early as possible to identify the appropriate program.

(Housed in the Business Administration and Economics Department)

Program Learning Outcomes
1. Identify and describe the function and interaction of computer system components.
2. Diagnose and resolve computer system problems.
3. Develop a system proposal to satisfy user requirements, including system customization.
4. Write a computer program using an object-oriented language, which applies structured design and programming principles, and includes comprehensive documentation.
5. Develop a computer program that satisfies user requirements.
6. Communicate ideas, user-specifications, system documentation, and research results in a professional manner, both orally and in writing.
7. Participate as a member of a collaborative team.
8. Assess key ethical issues as they relate to the responsibilities of computing professionals.
9. Use office software applications to solve business problems.
10. Develop queries of relational databases to satisfy users’ needs in a business environment.
11. Design and develop an interactive Web site for a business.

Employment Potential
For related jobs: Career Coach
Occupational Resource:

Requirements for Program Entrance
Intermediate Algebra with Trigonometry (or Math 104 at MCC). Typing or keyboarding recommended.

Distribution Requirements

Credit Hours
FIRST SEMESTER: 15 Credit Hours
ENG 101 College Composition OR
ENG 200 Advanced Composition
BUS 104 Introduction to Business 3
CIS 100 Information Processing Fundamentals 4
MTH 165 College Algebra or higher 3
SECOND SEMESTER: 16 Credit Hours
CIS 200 Programming for Information Systems 4
BUS 220 Applied Business Applications 3
CIS 123 A+ Guide to Computer Hardware: Technical Support 3
PHL 105 Technology and Values OR PHL 102 Introduction to Logic 3
THIRD SEMESTER: 16 Credit Hours
ACC 101 Accounting Principles I OR
ACC 110 Fundamentals of Accounting I AND
ACC 111 Fundamentals of Accounting II
CIS 124 A+ Guide to Computer Software: Technical Support 3
CIS 201 Introduction to Web Site Programming and Design3
MTH 160 Statistics I3
SPC 141 Interpersonal Speech Communication OR
SPC 142 Public Speaking
FOURTH SEMESTER: 16 Credit Hours
BUS 275 Business Cooperative Education4
CIS 209 Systems Analysis and Design3
CIS 211 Applied Database Concepts 3
ENG 251 Technical Writing3

* Recommended Social Science Elective: ECO 101, ECO 103, or ECO 111
**Recommended Natural Science Elective: GEG 130
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