Dual Enrollment Registration Form

Spring 2017

Thank you for your interest in the Dual Enrollment Program through Monroe Community College. When you participate in Dual Enrollment you also become part of MCC, and we want to share the following important information with you. After you have reviewed and acknowledged the college information, you can proceed with selecting and registering for Dual Enrollment classes at your school. A summary page will be emailed to you and your parent for you to keep with your important school documents. We wish you much success in high school and your MCC Dual Enrollment course.

Please read the following and confirm your understanding by checking the corresponding box.
Dual Enrollment courses are offered through Monroe Community College.
When I complete a registration for a Dual Enrollment course, I am sending information to Monroe Community College and registering for a college course. Information that is incorrect or incomplete will delay my registration.
Dual Enrollment students are limited to 11 credit hours per semester.
The course I am registering for and the MCC grade I receive will be recorded on an official MCC transcript. This course and grade becomes part of my permanent college record.
Dual Enrollment courses are graded according to college standards and my final MCC grade may be different than my final high school grade. For grading questions I will contact my high school teacher.
Dual Enrollment tuition must be paid in full by the tuition due date. If the full bill is not paid in time I will be dropped from my MCC course(s).
If I receive a scholarship or award which covers my entire tuition bill, I will not be dropped from my MCC course(s). (Ask your school for a list of scholarships you are eligible to receive. Scholarship deadlines are firm.)
I may withdraw from a Dual Enrollment course before the withdrawal deadline. Withdrawal deadlines are set by MCC and communicated to teachers. My transcript will indicate a “W” for courses from which I withdraw. (Talk to your teacher or visit www.monroecc.edu­/go/dualenroll for deadlines and withdrawal process.)
I have received and reviewed the MCC Dual Enrollment Program Guide for Students and Parents. The guide is also available on the Dual Enrollment webpage at www.monroecc.edu­/go/dualenroll. I understand the important information that has been presented and would like to proceed with Dual Enrollment registration.
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