Academic Support Services

Brighton Campus, Department Office: Building 11, Room 261A
Department telephone number: (585) 292-2348
Patricia Kennedy, Director

Our high-quality support services include:

  • free tutoring,
  • personal and cross-cultural counseling,
  • academic, financial aid, and transfer advisement,
  • college-survival workshops,
  • testing accommodations,
  • mentoring, and more!

We provide a full compliment of support services to strengthen academic skills, and our staff is committed to helping students to succeed.

Transfer, career, and non-matriculated students utilize the services of the Department each year. Any student who is currently enrolled at Monroe Community College is eligible to receive free tutorials upon request. Students must meet eligibility requirements to additional services mentioned. Please refer to each component's web site for specific details.

Academic Support Services is comprised of the following components:

Brighton Campus

Academic Foundations Learning Center
Building 11 Room 211
Telephone number: (585) 292-3396

Writing Center
Building 11 Room 208
Telephone number: (585) 292-3360

Student Support Services Program
Building 11 Room 261A
Telephone number: (585) 292-2348

Cross-Cultural Counseling
Building 11 Room 258
Telephone number: (585) 292-2345

Damon City Campus

Transitional Studies Mastery Lab
Room 4 (Fourth Floor)-262
(Inside the Integrated Learning Center, Room 4-258)
Telephone number: (585) 262-1556

Writing Center
Room 4 (Fourth Floor)-261
(Inside the Integrated Learning Center, Room 4-258)
Telephone number: (585) 262-1559

Academic Support Services Staff

Student Support Services Staff