Division of Academic Services
Annual Report Highlights

Michael J. McDonough
Michael J. McDonough
Provost & Vice President
Academic Services

It is my pleasure to present the 2012-2013 Division of Academic Services Annual Highlights Report.

Academic Services partnered with seventeen academic departments and the service offices of Academic Learning Environments, Academic Support Services, Enrollment Management, Curriculum and Program Development, Institutional Research, and Marketing Communications. Additionally, the division works closely with and supports the academic pursuits of four Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services departments: Applied Technologies, Engineering Technologies, Hospitality, and Information and Computer Technologies. This community of over 1,000 innovative faculty and engaged staff collaborate with Administrative Services, Educational Technology Services, Student Services, and the President’s Office to ensure that our students and our community continue to flourish and prosper.

As higher education undergoes dramatic and fast-moving change, all of us in Academic Services are unifying around a single, clear vision: to build an intentional college that promotes a global education and is defined by a high impact learning culture.

As a result, MCC’s faculty and professional staff are tackling an impressive array of challenges and promoting strategies that will improve graduation rates, enhance student success, and support a culture of sustained excellence. These college-wide tactics include

  • promoting the infusion of a global perspective into the general education curriculum, recognizing that our students will live in a new era of internationalization;
  • exploring creative ways for our students to practice civic engagement, realizing that engaged and ethical citizens are vital for the new century;
  • asserting that high impact teaching practices are the hallmarks of an MCC education;
  • creating a new and more dynamic partnership with K-12, a union that champions the Common Core, aligns curricula, and supports intentional career and college readiness;
  • advocating for a new vision of general education, a radical framework that is interdisciplinary and that asks students to apply knowledge across all disciplines.

Today, MCC is thinking about ways to attract, enroll, retain, educate, and graduate a diverse and dynamic student population. I am honored to represent, in some way, the remarkable achievements of this most eclectic and creative division



Michael J. McDonough
Provost and Vice President
Academic Services