Closing the Skills Gap 2014

Essential Discussions: Challenges and Opportunities for Higher Education

Photo of MCC President Anne Kress in Flynn Campus CenterAs students plan their journey into the world of work, we — colleges, parents and employers — can and must do more to connect them to meaningful career pathways. A growing gap exists between the skills people have and the skills the labor market needs. To resolve the talent shortage, we must explore unconventional strategies, whether it’s creating alternative education models or expanding public-private partnerships. Please accept this invitation to attend Monroe Community College's fourth Essential Discussion: "Closing the Skills Gap: Challenges and Opportunities for Higher Education," a symposium devoted to engaging educators and employers in a collaborative approach to the education and training of the next generation of workers. This event, featuring local panelists and national experts, promises to start an exciting conversation and drive real action to help close the skills gap. Please join us Tuesday, May 6, 2014.

Anne M. Kress, President
Monroe Community College

** The May 6 presentations by the keynote speakers and the panel discussion can be viewed online. **