Plus 50 Program

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Competing in today's job market can be tough, especially for older workers. If you have attended college but never finished or have always dreamed of getting a degree or a credential, now is the time. The demand for an educated workforce in our community has never been greater.

Monroe Community College's Plus 50 Completion Strategy offers programs and support services tailored to the needs of adult learners over 50.

At MCC you can:

  • Earn credit for previous education and work experience.
  • Enroll in affordable classes to earn credit toward a degree or certificate.
  • Take advantage of flexible scheduling.
  • Enjoy a positive and enriching education experience.

A college degree, certificate or work-related credential can give you an advantage, increasing potential earning power, job security and job satisfaction.

Today 40 percent of people over age 55 are remaining in the workforce — the highest rate since 1962. If you're among them and you need a job or a change in careers, earning a certificate or degree in a high-demand field will help you beat the competition.

Increase Earning Potential
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 30 percent of America's fastest-growing occupations require some education beyond high school. But that doesn't mean you need a four-year degree to succeed in the workplace. Eight of the top 10 occupations through 2018 require less than a bachelor's degree, and six occupations call for less than an associate degree.

Open Doors to New Fields
If you're one of 37 million adults from age 25 to 64 who attended college but never received a degree-or one of millions more who need a new credential for a changing job market — Plus 50 can pave the way to completion.

Through Plus 50, MCC is providing programs and services that make it easier than ever for adult learners to earn credit for their past education and work experience. And we offer support and flexibility to help you reach your goals, from choosing a course of study and scheduling classes to applying for financial aid.

Completion is the key to opening new doors. Going back to school and earning your college degree or certificate paves the way to opportunities for new jobs and career advancement.

Earning a degree or certificate is easier than ever. Under the Plus 50 Completion Strategy, adult students can gain credits for past education and work experience, so you won't be starting at square one.

It is a great time to come back. In an economic downturn, getting your degree or certificate can help increase your earning potential. This program offers courses tailored to your needs, making it is easier than ever to finish what you started.

You have support. Community colleges offer the support and flexibility you need to reach your goals, from diverse courses of study and accommodating class schedules to help with financial aid.

Distinguish yourself from the competition. With a degree or credential, you'll be ahead of those workers with a limited education.

You're not alone. Thousands of plus 50 adults are heading back to community colleges to gain additional training, learn new skills, and complete their degrees or certificates.

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Questions & Answers

What services are available to help me get enrolled and registered for classes?
You are not alone. MCC offers support services like advising and assistance with course selection to help learners of every age get the most from their education.

I'm busy and can't fit college in to my life.
MCC offers programs designed with your lifestyle in mind. Community colleges are noted for their flexibility and user-friendly environment, and we offer day, night and Saturday and online classes, and credits for past school and work experience.

I'm taking care of so many others, I can't fit classes in, too.
Responsibilities pile up with age, but don't forget your responsibility to yourself. Take the time to study something you've always been interested in or finish a degree you started but never completed.

I don't think I can afford it.
MCC's tuition is low and financial aid is available to potentially help you overcome limited financial resources.

Will I fit in?
We have students of all ages here. When minds expand, options do, too. Learning is one of the best ways to stay young and feel young, and community colleges are institutions that value diversity.

I never liked school, why will this be different?
Community college is school like you've never seen it before. They don't make classrooms like they used to and you aren't the same person you were last time you were in school.

What if I don't have computer skills?
MCC offers courses to bring your computer skills up to speed, from basic typing and Internet use to courses that prepare you for high-tech industries.

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