Advisement Preparation Checklist

Academic Advisement is a shared responsibility. You can do your part by being prepared to meet with an advisor.

  • Your Advisor is going to ask you about your career interests/goals. Begin thinking about your answer.
  • Review your Degreeworks worksheet and write down any questions or concerns you have regarding your major or course requirements.
  • Look up any specific courses you want to register for in the College Catalog. Note any prerequisites and corequisites you need and any questions you want to discuss with an advisor.
  • Think about any electives in your program and what courses you would like to take to fulfill these requirements. If you are unsure of your choices, read through the course description section in the back of the catalog and markdown at least five (5) courses that you are interested in taking or asking questions about.
  • Think about any outside commitments and how these affect the number of credit hours you will be taking.