How To Register On-Line with myMCC

  • Go to myMCC
  • Sign in using your full MCC email address and password
  • Click on: Students tab
myMCC Students tab
  • Click on: My Account sub-tab
myMCC My Account sub-tab
  • Click on: ADD/Drop/Withdraw (If you have an alternate pin/advisement key you will enter this now)
myMCC Registration & Records module
Alternate PIN

  • Click on: SUBMIT for the correct term. (i.e. Intersession/Summer/Fall 2015)
  • Click on: CLASS SEARCH

    • In the SUBJECT box scroll down to the subject you wish to take. (Click Class Search)
    • Choose the Course Number (i.e. English = ENG)
    • Choose the Section
    • Once you have chosen the class you want to take click the box, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on: REGISTER / HIT ENTER ON KEY PAD
    • If this is a class that requires a lab you need to click on: One that is marked either 4.000 credit hours or 5.000 credit hours (lecture)
      One that is marked 0.000 credit hours. (lab/studio listed directly below)
    • If the class is closed and you would like to waitlist, enter the CRN number in the boxes on the worksheet. Click on: SUBMIT CHANGES and then Select: Wait List from the drop down menu.

Wait List
List of registered classes.

  • Click on: SUBMIT CHANGES to officially add the waitlisted class. Make sure the waitlisted course is appearing in your Student Detail Schedule.

    • If you have the CRN NUMBER(S) (course reference number) enter them in the boxes provided.

  • Click on: SUBMIT after you have entered all of the CRNs.

    • When you are finished setting up your schedule go to the upper right side of the page and

  • Click on: RETURN TO MENU
  • Scroll down and click on: STUDENT SUMMARY SCHEDULE
  • Click on: PRINT in the tool bar
  • Be sure to exit your account.