Advising Reminders

Explain the General Education Requirements to all students planning on transferring to a SUNY school. (ADV 182)

Use 2+2 degree guides for students planning to transfer whether or not they are officially in a 2+2 program. (ADV 165)

Be sure to advise students planning to transfer that most 4-year colleges require at least one laboratory science. (ADV 170)

Check the College Catalog for course pre-requisites. (ADV 101)

Before providing mathematics advisement, be sure to verify career goals with students. Courses appropriate for a student’s current program may not apply or prepare the student for his/her intended major. (ADV 101)

Offer scheduling options to students including combining DCC and Brighton classes (same days/alternating days), on-line, Saturday (both campuses), sunrise, evenings, off campus locations, late starting.(ADV 101)

Make sure students are aware of class locations as indicated by differing course section designations (ex: CC1= Damon; SL1 = online, 881 = Webster, etc.). (ADV 100)

Students may jeopardize financial aid eligibility by repeating courses completed with a passing grade unless specified in the catalog. In some cases, a certain grade must be attained in order for the course to apply and/or to move to a higher level course. (ADV 101)

Check screen 224 for test scores, as well as any revisions to course placements. (ADV 102)

Check screen 224 for test scores, as well as any revisions to course placements. (ADV 102)

Be cautious when recommending courses for students who will also be taking TRS preparatory courses in English and Math. (ADV 101)

Use the advising tools and resources provided, specifically, your Faculty Advisor Handbook and Advisement Center staff. (ADV 001)

Attend the ADV Workshops noted to gain new information or as a refresher. Just ask for a current calendar