CAPP (Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning)

Run your CAPP report

What is CAPP?

CAPP is MCC's computerized degree audit/advising system designed to help students achieve their academic goals efficiently. CAPP tracks course and requirement completion so efficiently that students and advisors can spend less time on record keeping and more time on program planning to achieve academic and career objectives.

What does CAPP do?

  • Tracks course and requirement completion.
  • Contains degree program requirements beginning with the 2003 college catalog.
  • Enables students and advisors to audit degrees for each catalog year beginning with 2003.
  • Allows students and advisors to simulate program changes for "what if" situations.
  • Allows for specialized degree plans to meet individual student needs by incorporating course substitutions or waivers.
  • Produces two reports:
    • The Detail Requirements Report, which displays a complete statement of the requirements and approved courses for each degree program as well as summarizes the student's progress toward degree completion by evaluating the student's academic data against requirements of the specific degree program.
    • The Additional Information Report, shows in progess courses, courses that are not being used in the Detail Requirement Report and the reason why.

Please note: It is critical that you look and print both reports to have a complete understanding of your degree audit.

How do I run a CAPP Report (compliance)?

From the MCC home page (

Sign into: My MCC
Click on: My Account Tab
Click on: Registration Tools (lower right corner)
Click on: Degree Evaluation
Select: Current Term
Click on: Submit
At the bottom of the page:
Click on: Generate New Evaluation
“What If” Analysis (if you want to run a Compliance against a different Major)
Click on the radio button next to Program
Click on: Generate Request
Select: Detail Information
Click on: Submit
Click on: Print Icon
On the bottom left of your compliance:
Click on: Back to Display Options
Select: Additional Information
Click on: Submit
Click on: Printer Icon