Career Development Courses

There are several courses available at MCC to help students navigate through the career decision-making process:

CDL 100 - Career Development and Planning
This one credit course will introduce you to the career decision-making process. Emphasis will be on the process of career and life planning. Topics include: skills assessment, values, interests, goal setting, and the world of work.

CDL 101 - Career and Life Planning for Returning Adult Students
This two credit course provides an in-depth examination of the elements in career decision-making with emphasis on the process of career and life planning for the returning adult student. Topics include life renewal, functional learning, skills assessment, values, interests, decision-making, goal-setting, and the world of work.

CDL 110 - Career and Life Planning for Undeclared Students
This experiential course introduces students to the elements of career decision making with emphasis on the process of career and life planning. It is designed for undeclared students who are interested in learning more about themselves and their career choices. The career development needs of undeclared students will be emphasized through a multi-phase approach including self-exploration, decision making strategies, career exploration, career counseling, and career planning. Educational forums featuring professionals from various career areas will be included.

CDL 100 is offered Online through the SUNY Learning Network.

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