Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Who is my assigned advisor?
A. The College does not automatically assign students an academic advisor. Generally career program students are advised by the faculty in their department. Most Liberal Arts students receive advisement in the Academic Advisement Center.

Q. Will my advisor tell me what courses to take?
A. Your advisor will help you to clarify your educational, career and life goals and assist in selecting the most appropriate courses to meet your needs. Both students and advisors have important roles and responsibilities in the advising process.

Q. Is advisement required? Do I have to see an advisor?
A. Academic advisement is available and recommended for all students. All full-time new/careercenter/readmitted, currently enrolled career and Liberal Arts and Business students with less than a 2.00 GPA are required to obtain an advisement key/advisement PIN prior to registration.


Q. I'm not sure what I want to do or which major/program is best for me. What can I do?
A. There are a variety of services available to you through Counseling Center and Veteran Services including individualized career counseling appointments, career development courses and many additional resources available on our web page Career Planning and Assessment.

Q. I want to change my major/program. How and where do I do that?
A. For currently enrolled students, program changes are processed either in the Academic Advisement Centers, or DCC Student Services. For more details, see our Program Change Information page.


Q. When can I register for next semester?
A. Currently enrolled students have an opportunity for priority registration generally starting in March for the fall semester and in October for the spring semester. Once the priority period concludes, new, transfer and readmitted students who have completed the admission process will be notified regarding advisement and registration activities.

Q. My work schedule changes a lot. Is there any way I can still take classes or get college credit?
A. MCC offers classes and awards credits in a variety of ways. More information on these options can be found at Distance Learning and Experiential Learning.

Q. Is dropping a class the same as withdrawing?
A. No. Students can drop a class without the course appearing on the student's academic record through the 3rd week of a semester and for a specified period of time for summer session classes. Once the drop period ends, students can submit a course withdrawal until the date published in the academic calendar. Although a "W" will appear on the student's record, it does not affect the grade point average (GPA). Students are responsible for one-hundred percent of tuition and fees for a withdrawal.

A complete withdrawal from all classes must be processed through Advisement and Graduation Services.

Academic Policies/Requirements

Q. Why do I have to take a non-credit course?
A. As a result of placement testing some students are required to take prepatory non credit English or Mathematics courses. The purpose is to help students strengthen skills in those areas so they will be successful in subsequent credit bearing coursework.

Q. Who has access to my academic records?
A. The Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents college personnel from disclosing confidential information about your academic record to anyone without your authorization.

Q. Do I have to take a physical education class? Can I use visits to a health club to fulfill physical education requirements?
A. All students must complete 2 credits of health or physical education course(s) in order to graduate. Generally waivers are not approved for participation in organized sports or activities outside the College.

Q. If I repeat a course, does the higher grade count?
A. Not necessarily. The last grade received for a course is calculated into a student's grade point average regardless of whether the grade is higher or lower.

Students should be aware that repeating a course when a passing grade was received (ex: "D") could affect financial aid eligibility. Be sure to consult a financial aid counselor or advisor.


Q. How can I find out what classes I have left to graduate?
A. Each semester students receive a CAPP report of coursework completed and classes left to complete. Staff in the Academic Advisement Centers can address any questions you may have regarding graduation requirements.

Q. Will my MCC credits transfer to other colleges?
A. Generally courses completed with grades of C or better are transferable. However, each college has specific program requirements and criteria. Review the Career Center information and be sure to seek advisement each semester before registering for classes.

Q. I am planning to transfer to a 4 year SUNY college. Is there anything special I need to do?
A. Yes! Students first matriculated at MCC Fall 2000 or after must complete the SUNY General Education Requirements. Be sure to review this information with an academic advisor.

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