2+2 Degree Programs

What is a 2+2 program?
The 2+2 option is a unique dual degree program offered by Monroe Community College and selected four-year institutions. Each 2+2 degree program enables students to take advantage of some unique benefits: concurrent applications to both institutions, one application fee, recommended course selections and guaranteed acceptance to the four-year college upon completion of the associate degree and all 2+2 requirements.

What type of student is the 2+2 program designed for?
The 2+2 program is best suited for the first-time, full-time matriculated student who knows where they wish to pursue their baccalaureate degree and in what major. It is not intended for the part-time student or the student who is uncertain of their intended major or where they wish to transfer. The program is available to students transferring to MCC from other colleges as well as students wishing to make internal program changes. There are, however, guidelines that a student must meet.

Can a student transfer to one of the 2+2 colleges, even if he/she is not enrolled in a 2+2 program?
Absolutely! A student should complete the appropriate application form available in the Career and Transfer Center Office. Since deadlines vary from college to college, the application process should be completed prior to the semester one wishes to enroll.

If a student doesn't complete the requirements of the 2+2 program, can he/she still attend the four-year college?
Yes, however, the student must submit a transfer admissions application directly to the four-year college. It is the responsibility of the student to monitor his/her degree program. If he/she foresees that the requirements will not be fulfilled, then a separate application process must be followed.

What degree programs are covered under the 2+2 program?
The number of majors varies from college to college. The 2+2 Degree Audit Sheets page allows you to perform a search based on academic program.

Can a student attend other four-year colleges not included under the 2+2? 
Definitely! In fact, MCC graduates attend over 80 different colleges and universities on an annual basis. Students are encouraged to identify the college of their choice as soon as possible so that appropriate semester plans can be designed to optimize course selection and transfer of credit.

What GPA is required?
The overall GPA varies by program and four-year college. Both the agreement and the degree audit sheets indicate the required GPA.

What if a student drops out of school for a semester?
In order for the agreement to be valid, a student must maintain continuous full-time enrollment. Students who leave MCC and subsequently wish to resume their studies must reapply to the College and be accepted for a 2+2 program. They are subject to the curricular requirements and policies in force at the time they resume their studies. Students who maintain continuous registration will not be affected by any curricular changes unless these changes are in their best interest.

Can a student who previously attended a 2+2 four-year institution enter a 2+2 program for that same institution via MCC?
Yes, but only if they were non-matriculated and completed 12 or fewer hours at that college. In addition, the student must meet the minimum GPA required of the four-year college for that program under the conditions of the agreement.

Are there other admission requirements for students participating in a 2+2 programs?
Although this is an admission guarantee program, some programs such as teacher education majors and social work majors require the timely submission of additional prerequisite information in order for the student to maintain the guarantee transfer status.