Marketable Skills of Anthropology Majors

  1. Dealing with people of diverse cultures, making allowances for differences in customs and beliefs.
  2. Providing insight to social problems by supplying information as to how problems, such as aging or bereavement, are dealt with in other cultures.
  3. Interviewing people to obtain information about their attitudes, customs, and beliefs.
  4. Using statistics and computer science to analyze data.
  5. Adapting approaches used in public relations, marketing, or politics to different population groups.
  6. Working cooperatively with others, adapting to varied conditions.
  7. Appraising, classifying, and cataloguing valuable items.
  8. Designing and lighting attractive displays.
  9. Preserving objects, such as costumes and documents by selecting chemical treatment, temperature, humidity; refurbishing antiques.
  10. Drawing maps and constructing models to scale.
  11. Photographing sites, objects, people, and occasions.
  12. Interpreting or translating.
  13. Using scientific equipment and measuring instruments.
  14. Analyzing craft techniques.
  15. Demonstrating ethnic arts; for example, singing folk songs or preparing ethnic foods.

Source: College, Knowledge and Jobs
SUNY-CDO Collaborative Effort Committee