Course Listings


ANT 101--General Anthropology - WR
An introduction to the fields of anthropology with emphasis on archaeology and physical anthropology. Explores the range of human biological and cultural diversity as indicated by archaeological remains and the human fossil record. Facts and theories about human nature and human culture are examined in evolutionary and comparative perspective. Three class hours. (SUNY-SS)
ANT 102--Cultural Anthropology - WR
A cross-cultural study of the variety of human adaptations to physical, social and cultural environments, primarily in terms of subsistence, technology, social groupings, government, economic organization, religion and aesthetics. Students are encouraged to discover the meaning behind cultural differences and similarities wherever they occur. Three class hours. (SUNY-OWC)
ANT 105--Forensic Anthropology
An introduction to the methods and techniques used by forensic anthropologists to identify and recover human remains and establish circumstances of death. Using case reports and skeletal materials, students explore how anthropologists work with other disciplines to estimate age, gender, ethnic affiliation, stature, traumatic injury and pathologies. Students will develop analytical and critical thinking skills needed to reconstruct events surrounding the life and death of individuals both ancient and modern. Three class hours. (SUNY-SS)
ANT 110--Hosts and Guests: The Anthropology of Tourism - WR
Offers an anthropological perspective on the positive and negative impacts of tourism upon a variety of cultures, peoples and environments. Includes an overview of pilgrimages, mass tourism, economic development, the "packaging" of cultures, and tourism as a sacred journey. Through case study and site visits, students also explore tourism development in Rochester. Three class hours. (SUNY-SS)
ANT 201--Native American Peoples and Cultures - WR
Survey of the major regional cultural divisions of North and Meso-America, with intensive analysis of Indian societies selected to illustrate the range of economic, political and social institutions, and the relevance of ecological and historical factors. Three class hours. (SUNY-OWC)
ANT 202--Human Religious Experience - WR
Explores anthropological data on and interpretations of human religious experience from Paleolithic times to modern satanic cults. Students are guided across a spectrum of religious behavior, Worldview, religious specialists, ritual, magic, the supernatural, and consequences of religious variability are examined in light of our need to escape culture-bound conceptions of religion. Three class hours. (SUNY-SS)
ANT 205--Archaeology Field School
This course will offer students the opportunity to participate in an ongoing excavation of the Castle-Kumpf Farm, a 19th Century Euro-American farmstead located near Spencerport in Monroe County, New York. Students will broaden their understanding of anthropology, history, and science through training and practical experience in archaeology. Training and practical experience in a variety of archaeological field methods such as artifact analysis and record keeping will be provided. Students gain an understanding of basic techniques of survey, excavation, and post-excavation lab work. This will enhance concepts and practices acquired from previous coursework and be applicable to future courses, other archaeological fieldwork, or to their knowledge of local history. This is a two-week course meeting for six hours each day (with a lunch break), Monday through Friday. Two class hours, two laboratory hours.
ANT 216--Special Topics in Anthropology - WR
This course is designed to address specific topics of interest in Anthropology. Offerings are more specific and focused than the introductory surveys. Examples may include Human Variation, Primatology, Anthropology of Art, and Ancient Texts. Topics may change from semester to semester based on faculty and student interest. Three class hours.
ANT 290--Independent Study - WR
See the Department Chairperson.