Assessment Cycle

To see the schedule of assessment projects, download this document:

Academic Assessment Cycle

Academic assessment activities are organized on two revolving schedules: 

  1. The departmentally-based assessment of courses supporting General Education (MCC and SUNY) occurs on a three-year revolving cycle.
  2. The evaluation of “programs in the major (identifiable at MCC as being degree or certificate granting programs)” occurs on a six-year revolving cycle. Also included in the six-year cycle are special academic programs that do not result in a degree, but which support or contribute to student success in the completion of a degree (examples include the evaluation of the College's Transitional Studies departmental activities, Writing Across the Curriculum and Experiential Education).

Each year, the scheduling of future assessment projects is reviewed to ensure that assessment and evaluation is responsive and supportive of changing college priorities.

In May 2008, the College re-organized its schedule of assessment projects, to accommodate a Faculty Senate decision to shorten the program evaluation cycle from seven years to six, and allow for a “sensible grouping” of assessment projects to allow departments to economize their assessment efforts.

There are four documents that provide the background for Assessment at MCC.

  1. Foundations I (provides historical background)
  2. Foundations II (addendum to Foundations I -available upon request)
  3. Foundations III (addendum to Foundations I - available upon request)
  4. Foundations IV

For 2012-2013, the following assessment projects are to be completed by June 30, 2013:

Assessment of General Education courses offered in the disciplines of:

  • Anthropology – Dan Tyree, DAL
  • Art & Music – Rollo Fisher, DAL
  • Biology – Michelle Finn, DAL
  • Chemistry – Lydia Tien, DAL
  • English for the Humanities – Catherine Ganze-Smith and Tokeya Graham, DALs
  • Geosciences – Jason Szymanski, DAL
  • Physics – Ed Martin, DAL
  • Political Science – Lou Andolino, DAL
  • Sociology – Susan Belair, DAL
  • Speech, Theater, and Communications – Tamara Hillabush-Walker, DAL

Other assessment projects:

  • Co-Op and Work-Related Education – Todd Korol (Business Administration), PEL

For 2012-13, the following assessment projects are to be completed by October 15, 2013:

Evaluation of MCC degree granting programs:

  • Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies – LA04 (A.S.)
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences, Science – LS01 (A.S)
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences, Humanities and Social Science – LH01 (A.A.)

Amy Burtner (English/Philosophy), DAL; Lori Judd (Mathematics), Assistant; Tamara Hillabush-Walker (Visual and Performing Arts), Assistant

For 2012-13, the following assessment projects are to be completed by February 1, 2014:

Evaluation of MCC degree granting programs:

  • Accounting (A.S.) – PEL
  • Cinema & Screen Studies (A.S.) – PEL
  • Computer Science (A.S.) – PEL
  • Entrepreneurial Studies (A.A.S.) – PEL
  • Fine Arts (A.S.) – Jason Smith, PEL
  • Optical Systems Technology (A.A.S.) – PEL
  • Small Business (Cert) – PEL

Other assessment projects:

  • Re-Imagine, Re-Invent, Re-Engineer MCC General Education Project (Mark Ernsthausen, Chair; Natasha Christensen, Assistant; Mary Disano, Assistant)
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) – PEL
  • Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) – PEL

In 2011-12, the following assessment projects started and will be completed by February 1, 2013:

Assessment of SUNY General Education courses offered in the disciplines of:

  • Mathematics – Patricia Burgess, DAL
  • Basic Communication (Oral) – Amy Burtner, DAL
  • World Languages – Jorge Alas and Cristina Rowley, DALs

Evaluation of MCC degree granting programs:

  • Advertising and Commercial Art (A.S.) – Kathy Farrel, PEL
  • Computer Systems Technology (A.A.S.) – George Fazekas, PEL
  • Graphic Design (A.A.S.) – Jim Downer, PEL
  • Health and Physical Education (A.S.) – Liz Kelly, PEL
  • Interior Design (A.A.S.) – Randy Johnson, PEL
  • Music Performance (A.S.) – John Nyerges, PEL