Shuttle FAQ

How many passengers can the bus accommodate?
Each bus can seat up to 38 passengers. Two sets of seats in the back can be folded to allow for 2 wheelchairs.

Is there a fee to ride the shuttle? If I have someone with me, can he or she ride the shuttle for a fee ?
The shuttle service is free of charge to current MCC students and employees with a valid MCC ID. There are no payment transactions on the shuttle. All riders are required to have a valid MCC ID.

What happens if I accidentally leave my belongings behind on the shuttle?
If you forget or lose your belongings on the bus, you may report the incident to the MCC Public Safety Department at 292-2912 and identify which shuttle you were on (buses are numbered). An officer will attempt to contact the driver immediately. Any unclaimed items will be handed over to Public Safety at the end of the day, and owners may retrieve them in Lost & Found the next business day. To contact Lost& Found, call 292-2900 for the Brighton office or 262-1672 for the DCC office.

Will the bus ever be late?
We will do our best to adhere to the scheduled departure and arrival times, but unforeseen occurrences may happen so riders need to plan accordingly. Shuttles may experience high demand at peak times of the day, and some riders may have to board the next bus.

If the bus happens to break down or is delayed, how will I get to my class on time?
Please allow yourself sufficient time to get to your destination when taking the shuttle. In the event that the bus experiences mechanical problems or other unexpected delays, either a replacement bus will be called or other actions may be taken to get passengers to their final destination.

Can I bring my bike on board?
The shuttle bus is equipped with a bike rack outside.