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BUS 210 - Entrepreneurial Studies II

Second of two courses designed for those interested in learning how to start and manage a small business. It builds on the preceding course concerning the establishment of the small business and deals with management of the on-going venture. This course takes a functional approach to managing the small business through a discussion of more advanced topics including entrepreneurial characteristics, financial planning and control, business operations, risk management, regulations, business valuation and succession issues, and other current topics. Students will develop a business plan. Three class hours. Course offered during the Spring only during the evening.

3 Credits

Prerequisite: BUS 110 with a grade of C or higher, or permission of the instructor.

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Fall Semester 2016
Summer Session 2016

Contact Information

Brighton Campus
Building 5, Room 510
M-F 8:45 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.
(585) 292-2064