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The Career and Transfer Center is committed to assisting students in determining their career path and successfully accomplishing their transfer and employment goals. To do all this, the Career and Transfer Center develops and offers to students numerous programs and services to assist them with career decision making, transfer college planning and job search exploration.

Check out our list of services and the events calendar. Need a job? Utilize Purple Briefcase. Want to know what courses to take for optimal transfer to one of our 28 partnership four-year colleges? Familiarize yourself with the 2+2 dual admission audit sheets.

Events Calendar
Please visit our Events Calendar to view upcoming events including college and employer visits.

Featured Activities

internships, coops, and experiential learning

Purple Briefcase Job Search and Career Prep
Purple Briefcase is the Career and Transfer Center's online software to assist students in the job search process. To learn more about Purple Briefcase and start using it today, just click on the Purple Briefcase button above.

Vault Career Library

Vault is MCC's new online Career Research Library. To visit Vault and learn more about various career options click on the Vault image above. NOTE: First time users will need to create an account (directions available on the Vault website).