Purple Briefcase

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Purple Briefcase is an online career network that allows MCC students and alumni access to job listings, career search tools, tips and more. Purple Briefcase is a great resource for discovering your career connections.

Current Student: MCC students accessing Purple Briefcase are required to use their MCC email account and password.

MCC Alumni: To access Purple Briefcase for the first time, a new account will need to be created.


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Faculty and Staff:
The first time you access Purple Briefcase you will need to create an account. Use the links to the right to create an account if you have not previously accessed Purple Briefcase. MCC faculty and staff will need to use their MCC email address to access Purple Briefcase.

Students & Alumni

Job search, career advice, and much more

Whether you are a first-year student or have graduated, Purple Briefcase is an important source for finding jobs and career related information. With Purple Briefcase, you are able to:

  • View and apply for jobs and internships online.
  • Create a profile and upload your resume for employer viewing.
  • Watch over 400 videos focused on career preparation.
  • RSVP to career events.
  • Access all of this through the MCC Purple Briefcase App.
  • And much more!


Purple Briefcase allows employers to:

  • Post and manage part-time, full-time employment and internship opportunities, as well as register for career fairs and on-campus recruiting.
  • Create a visual profile on your company that can be searched by MCC students and lets them get to know your company in more ways than through a logo.
  • Conduct searches for qualified applicants and view students’ visual profiles that can outline their work history, academic accolades and extracurricular info.

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