Why Study Abroad?

Add an International Dimension to Your Studies:

Biology comes alive at the Great Barrier Reef or in the forests of Finland; American History takes on a whole new look in Europe, Asia, or Africa!   Get a fresh perspective at your academic program or take courses you just can't get in Rochester.

Advance Your Language Skills:
What better way to learn a language than immersing yourself in it every day?  You'll get a new perspective on the world as you get acquainted with people and a culture you never thought you'd be a part of.

Impress Future Employers:

Studying abroad can give you the skills employers want, such as problem-solving, flexibility, maturity, confidence, independence, and the ability to interact and work well with others.

Challenge Yourself:

Make new friends, try a new language, break out of your every day routine. Whatever your goals are, you'll be surprised at the changes you'll see in yourself. 

Have an Adventure:

Here's your chance to trek through the rainforest, trace the steps of the important figures in history, or ski the Swiss Alps. You'll make memories to last a lifetime as you see new places and experience cultures you've only read about.