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Composing a Resume

Resume Check List (pdf)

What is a Cover Letter?

Cover Letter Format

Cover Letter Strategies


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Print a copy of the Career and Transfer Center's Resume Planning Guide.

Resume Critique

Drop off your resume and/or cover letter for review at the Career and Transfer Center.  Please allow 48 to 72 hours for feedback.  Once you have made corrections to your resume/cover letter, you may want to make an appointment with our staff to further discuss your situation.

Resume Referral

The Career and Transfer Center collects and submits students' resumes to employers who are seeking candidates to fill full-time job openings.  To view a list of upcoming resume referrals, go to the Career and Transfer Center's Resume Referral page.

Students should have their resume critiqued by the Career and Transfer Center prior to submitting a resume for referral purposes. Submit your resume to the Career and Transfer Center by the stated deadline and you will need to sign a Recruitment Information Release Form for us to release your resume to employers.

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