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GER 221 - Germanic Culture On Location
3 credit hours

Course Description:
This course is designed to provide the opportunity to see and experience the richness of a German speaking country through the unique experience of travel. The core part of this course will be a stay in the country, with visits to the main cities and cultural centers. Class meetings prior to the trip will focus on topics that will help the student to prepare for the experience, and meetings after the trip will provide a time for debriefing, reporting, evaluation and assimilation. The student is expected to complete ten tasks during his/her stay, make an oral presentation, and prepare a portfolio of the trip. This portfolio can be a personal journal, photo display, video recording, or a combination thereof.
3 credits.

Course Information:
The Office of World Languages and Cultures offers On Location Courses every year in the spring semester.
Recent Course Offerings:
GER 221, Germany and the Czech Republic was offered: Spring 2009

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Additional information about this course can be obtained by contacting the office of World Languages and Cultures.