Monroe Community College 2007 Award Recipients

MCC Outstanding Faculty Advisors

As a child, Maria Kendig would come home from a festival or fair and meticulously arrange her winnings on her dresser. Her records were alphabetized, and she always put her stuffed animals back where they belonged. “I’ve always been somebody who takes care of the details,” says the assistant professor in the English/Philosophy Department, one of three 2008 Outstanding Faculty Advisor award recipients.

Also recognized are Denee Martin, an adjunct assistant professor of speech communication in the Visual & Performing Arts Department, and retired faculty member Patricia Mikols, who works in the Counseling and Advising Office.

All three have been honored for their commitment to their work, dedicating countless hours to advising students and achieving a high level of knowledge and skill in their field.

Maria Kendig

Kendig, who serves as a Liberal Arts mentor and a Cabbages and Kings advisor, attends training sessions, reads publications that describe innovations for advisement, and spends hours outside of work writing college recommendation letters and proofreading admissions essays. Former students, particularly those who were uncertain about what they wanted to do professionally, often call to keep her updated on their career paths.

Denee Martin

Colleagues describe Martin as a “dependable, reliable and resourceful” professional who “goes the extra mile” – arriving with a smile – in making referrals and following up with students when needed. An empathic listener, she relates well to students, encouraging them to use mentoring programs and online advising tools. “I strive to connect to my students,” says Martin, “and strongly suggest that they take advantage of opportunities before them.”

Patricia Mikols

Mikols earned her nomination for bringing the same enthusiasm and professionalism as a retiree that she provided as a full-time staff member. Described as full of “vitality and energy,” she combines her extensive knowledge with impressive interpersonal skills and patience to meet the needs of every student.


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