Monroe Community College 2007 Award Recipients

Writing Across the Curriculum Award

Todd Korol

“Written assignments, if well structured, force students to think,” says Todd Korol, assistant professor in the Business Administration/Economics Department and recipient of the 2008 Outstanding Writing Across the Curriculum Award.

Korol carefully develops both formal and informal writing assignments in a variety of marketing and business classes. MAR 101 students must develop basic market plans over the course of up to eight writing assignments, with some of the more motivated students compiling plans totaling 50-plus pages. His business courses focus sharply on self-assessments to consider workplace skills such as active listening, emotional intelligence and leadership style.

Rather than focus on right or wrong answers, writing helps students develop attention to detail – an aptitude that Korol pays more attention to as the semester goes on. Admittedly known for high expectations and being “a tough grader” when it comes to writing, he often pushes for his students, who enter his classes with a wide range of writing skills, to go deeper when doing self-assessments. “I give them comments and they’ll kick it up a notch,” he says.

Described as having a “sound and solid approach” to instruction, Korol, who also teaches courses online, has repeatedly impressed the Writing Across the Curriculum Committee with new course proposals that need no revision. Colleagues praise him for his punctuality with administrative paperwork and his lack of inhibition about raising questions or concerns that arise from his classroom.

The Gates resident enjoys golf, bicycling, cross-country skiing and visiting the Finger Lakes.

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