Career Planning and Assessment

The Counseling Center and Veteran Services Office offers a variety of career planning services and resources. Counselors can assist you by:

  • Helping you to clarify your current educational and career goals;
  • Helping to assess your abilities, interests,values, and skills;
  • Helping you to learn more about yourself;
  • Providing career information;
  • Making referrals to other career resources on and off campus; and
  • Helping you to plan and implement your goals.

Useful career-related links

Attend our CAREER FORUMS where you will have the opportunity to hear professionals speak about and answer questions regarding their experiences in their respective fields. You can view these CAREER FORUMS after they have taken place here on our website.

Career Options Videos

You may also wish to enroll in a career development course: CDL 100, CDL 101 or CDL 110 to learn more about yourself, the world of work, and the career planning process. These credit-bearing seminars emphasize strategies for career and life planning. CDL courses may be applied toward the general elective requirements of most MCC degree programs. Class sections are available at both the Brighton and Damon campuses. In addition, one section of CDL 101 and CDL 100 (Career and Life Planning for Returning Adults), are being offered ON-LINE over the SUNY Learning Network.

You can also find a great deal of helpful career planning information on the Career Services web page.

We have created a Career Checklist to guide you as you answer questions and prepare to make decisions about your future.