Workshop Descriptions

Brighton Campus Workshops:

  • Group Career Counseling For Returning Adults

    Through the career group experience you will learn more about yourself and the process of career decision-making by:

    • Exploring your interests as they relate to career decisions
    • Learning about your personality type and the relationship to career
    • Identifying your values, skills, and abilities
    • Learning from the experiences of other group members

    Group size is limited to 8 to 12 participants willing to make the 4-week commitment necessary for a successful career group experience. There will be homework assigned between sessions. This can be done either on campus or from your home computer. Group will be co-facilitated by Mark Basinski, and Betty Smith, M.S. Ed., Counselors at Monroe Community College Counseling Center and Veteran Services Office.

    For Dates and Times please contact the Counseling Center and Veteran Services Office
    at 585-292-2030.

  • Time Management
    Learn techniques to manage your time, build schedule, prioritize and set goals. Time management is the key to success.

  • Notetaking
    Learn notetaking skills you need to record information successfully. Find out how to be an active involved listener.

  • Test Anxiety/Time Management (2 part series)
    When anxiety blocks performance, learn how to prepare so you will feel in control, put test in perspective, make a study plan and practice relaxation.

  • Returning Adults - Strategies for Success
    Find out how to manage your time, study skills and learn how to balance academics in daily life.

  • Returning Adult Informational Workshop
    Are you considering college in your future? Do you need a career change? Do you need skills to secure your job? Do you want to finish education plans? Find out how you can get started.

  • What is this Thing Called Stress? Find out how to manage stress, and identify steps of stress. Learn how to ease the stress of studying.

  • Self Esteem 101
    How is your self esteem? This workshop helps students understand the importance of self-esteem, assesses their self-image, and takes steps to improve it.

  • Overcoming Procrastination
    Look at it's Causes and What to Do About It

  • Programming Yourself for Success and Learn to Put First Things First
    Learn the skills you need to motivate yourself to achieve your academic success.

  • Study Skills at Your Fingertips
    Learn how to develop a study method. Find out how much time you need to study and how to establish a studying schedule. Study wisely to be successful in college.

  • Coming to Terms with Loss
    Learn how to understand the experience of loss and what you can do to move towards recovery and learn the importance of regaining a positive attitude.

  • Seeds of Success SOS