Workshop Descriptions

Brighton Campus Workshops:

  • Group Career Counseling For Returning Adults

    Through the career group experience you will learn more about yourself and the process of career decision-making by:
    • Exploring your interests as they relate to career decisions
    • Learning about your personality type and the relationship to career
    • Identifying your values, skills, and abilities
    • Learning from the experiences of other group members
    Group size is limited to 8 to 12 participants willing to make the 4-week commitment necessary for a successful career group experience. There will be homework assigned between sessions. This can be done either on campus or from your home computer. Group will be co-facilitated by Mark Basinski, and Betty Smith, M.S. Ed., Counselors at Monroe Community College Counseling, International and Veteran Services Office.

    For Dates and Times please contact the Counseling , International and Veteran Services Office
    at 585-292-2030.

  • Time Management
    Learn techniques to manage your time, build schedule, prioritize and set goals. Time management is the key to success.

  • Notetaking
    Learn notetaking skills you need to record information successfully. Find out how to be an active involved listener.

  • Test Anxiety/Time Management (2 part series)
    When anxiety blocks performance, learn how to prepare so you will feel in control, put test in perspective, make a study plan and practice relaxation.

  • Returning Adults - Strategies for Success
    Find out how to manage your time, study skills and learn how to balance academics in daily life.

  • Returning Adult Informational Workshop
    Are you considering college in your future? Do you need a career change? Do you need skills to secure your job? Do you want to finish education plans? Find out how you can get started.

  • What is this Thing Called Stress? Find out how to manage stress, and identify steps of stress. Learn how to ease the stress of studying.

  • Self Esteem 101
    How is your self esteem? This workshop helps students understand the importance of self-esteem, assesses their self-image, and takes steps to improve it.

  • Overcoming Procrastination
    Look at it's Causes and What to Do About It

  • Programming Yourself for Success and Learn to Put First Things First
    Learn the skills you need to motivate yourself to achieve your academic success.

  • Study Skills at Your Fingertips
    Learn how to develop a study method. Find out how much time you need to study and how to establish a studying schedule. Study wisely to be successful in college.

  • Coming to Terms with Loss
    Learn how to understand the experience of loss and what you can do to move towards recovery and learn the importance of regaining a positive attitude.

  • Seeds of Success SOS