MCC General Education

New MCC General Education Plan

Monroe Community College strives to ensure that all students receive the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in their lives, their education, and their work. General Education is an important component of the College's commitment to students. General Education is defined as those courses and learning outcomes which help students to understand themselves and their society, and which provide the necessary skills for careers.

MCC General Education Plan

Every student earning an associate degree (AA, AS, AAS) will have taken and passed a minimum of 17 credits in six (6) knowledge and skill areas and two (2) competencies. Compliance with the requirement will be accomplished through the existing degree audit procedures. Effective Date: 9/1/03

The Process to add or remove a course designated as meeting SUNY general education requirements is through a new course proposal or course revision proposal for existing courses. Go to the Curriculum Database to access the proposal forms.