Curriculum Committee General Education Project

Thank you for your interest in General Education at Monroe Community College. The information on this page is provided to keep the College community informed of the progress of the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee project on MCC’s Local General Education course areas.
General Education requirements specify common educational experiences for all students. They summarize the faculty’s wisdom about what every student should know and be able to do. General Education courses are an important part of every student program.

Charge from Vice President

In a letter dated October 28, 2007, Academic Vice President Janet Glocker made the following charge to the Curriculum Committee:

  • Review MCC’s definition for each of the General Education subject areas for validity and clarity.
  • Review the curricular processes used to maintain the general education lists to:
    • Ensure content review of each proposal is measured against consistent, valid and Senate-endorsed criteria.
    • Ensure that the program of general education meets internal and external regulatory requirements.
  • Make any appropriate recommendations for improvement, taking into careful consideration the impact of these recommendations on students and programs. That is to say, prior to advancing a recommendation for a new definition, the committee should examine how many and which courses would be excluded from the list under the new definition and identify how the removal of those courses would affect the curricula of which the target courses are now part.