Blackboard Migration Training




Training is required for migrating courses which currently have an ANGEL component (Web-Enhanced, Hybrid, Fully Online). Blackboard will become MCC’s only course management system beginning with courses taught in fall 2014.This migration training focuses on how to migrate your existing courses from ANGEL to Blackboard, and is presented in three workshops which cover the following topics:

Navigating and Creating Content - addresses the basics of navigating and customizing your course shell and explores how to create, configure, modify and organize course content in a meaningful way. The course will be presented using the MCC Migration Template.

Interaction and Assessment - reviews the different avenues for interaction in Blackboard Learn, and the various assessment techniques made available. Participants will be able to create, configure and deploy discussions, tests, and assignments to students.

Teaching and Managing your Course - focuses on using Blackboard Learn as a management tool and will cover how to configure the Grade Center to meet your needs, collect students’ submissions, and monitor student progress.

Blackboard Migration Training Dates have been established for Spring and Summer at Brighton and Damon City Campus.

FULLY ONLINE TRAINING OPTION NOW AVAILABLE: Please note that as of May 1st one of the options that will be available to you is fully online– YES, you will be able to take the Blackboard Migration training completely online, following the necessary guidelines and criteria for completion. We ore calling this online training our “E-SERIES” and it is the first selection on the document of training dates. Though you can register for the online series now, the course won’t be accessible until May 1st.

There are many Blackboard Learn Migration Resources for your use that will help to reinforce the training you take at MCC.