Faculty and Staff Directory

Monroe Community College
North Faculty Tower
Brighton Campus
Building 5, Room 542
Phone Number: 585-292-3276

E-Mail Address: lbartholome@monroecc.edu

AA Valencia Community College
BA, BS University of Central Florida
MA, PhD Florida State University

ENG 208: Literature of the Bible
ENG 240: Reading Popular Culture
HMN 220: Western Humanities I
HMN 221: Western Humanities II
HMN 295: Literature and Culture of the Ancient Greeks (honors)
HMN 295: Literature and Culture of the Middle Ages (honors)
PHL 101: Introduction to Philosophy
PHL 103: Introduction to Ethics
PHL 104: World Religions

SPECIAL INTERESTS: Dr. B loves to play the harp, go biking, knit, and hang out with bassets Socrates and Crosby. She will soon adopt a new dachshund puppy named Frida.

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