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ELT 102 - Electric Circuit Analysis II

Continuation of ELT 101 into AC circuit analysis using complex numbers and phasors. Topics include: magnetism, inductance, reactance, impedance, power, resonance, filters, Fourier series, transformers and dependent sources. Includes network analysis using Thevenin, Norton, mesh, and nodal techniques. Computer analysis of AC circuits is introduced. Concurrent lab applies theory and develops competence in measuring voltage, current, time, frequency, phase, and frequency response, using the dual-trace oscilloscope, multimeters, and swept frequency function generator. Construction project is a power supply which is used to introduce rectifiers, filters, regulation and ripple. Three class hours, four laboratory hours, one conference hour. A specific programmable scientific calculator is required. Contact Department for details.

5 Credits

Prerequisites: ELT 101 or ELT 121 required; MTH 140 or MTH 135 or MTH 164 or some trigonometry background recommended.

Course Offered Spring only

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Brighton Campus
Building 8, Room 626
(585) 292-2002