Educational Opportunity Program Survey

This survey is designed to seek information about the importance of the Educational Opportunity Program you are enrolled and its effectiveness in assisting you in your studies. Please rate the quality of the services provided as below:

I. General Assessment

Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied Very
Attitude of Counselors/Professional Staff
Attitude of Receptionist/Office Staff
Length of wait for in-person help
Helpfulness of verbal information
Helpfulness of written information
Helpfulness of the five-week summer program
Helpfulness of general academic advisement
Relationship between you & your EOP counselor
Availability of tutorial services
Helpfulness of career and transfer planning
Helpfulness of financial aid advisement and/or workshops
Effectiveness of EOP advice and problem solving services
Helpfulness of orientation & book procedures week
Facilities and environment conducive to learning

II. Do you use any of the support services offered through EOP? Check all that apply.
Tutorial Services
Summer Program
Workshops for Probationary Students
Financial Aid Workshops

III. What do you usually talk about with your EOP Staff Member? Check all that apply.

Academic Problems               Transfer Opportunities
Financial Aid Career Opportunities
Personal Problems
Other (Describe)  

IV. The individual most responsible for your entering the EOP was:

A High School Counselor       A High School Teacher
A Friend or Relative A College Admission Recruiter
An EOP Staff Member An EOP Student

Age: 17 & Under   18-24   25-34   35-44   45-54   55-64   65+

Gender: Male   Female