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Tutor Request Form

The goals of the Educational Opportunity Program Tutorial Services are to:

  • Provide individual and group academic assistance
  • Aid the student in succeeding in their academic courses
  • Promote self direction and self help

Tutoring is essentially an individual experience; the interrelationship of two individuals working closely together. Remember, tutoring provides assistance and support that can change students' picture of themselves and their attitudes.

Brighton Campus EOP students must complete a Tutor Request Form available in the EOP Office located in Building 3, Room 101 or on-line to request tutorial services. Upon completion of the form, a tutor will be assigned to meet the specific needs of the student. The tutor and tutee will receive contact information via mail within one to two days of the request. It is recommended that students request tutors during the second week of the semester.

Downtown Campus EOP students should use the Learning Commons' Tutoring Services for tutorial services.

The overall goal of this program is to assist the student in possessing a positive self-concept and to be academically successful at Monroe Community College.


Tutor Request
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