Financial Aid Survey

Thank you in advance for your time to complete this quick survey. Your feedback is important to us. Think about your experiences with the Financial Aid Office and respond to the following:

1. In the last 6 months how many times have you contacted the Financial Aid Office?
multiple time (5+)    a few times (2 to4)    this is first time

2. Please indicate the reason for your visit (check all that apply):

How to apply    Check on awards
Find out about loans    Find out about work study
Submit forms    Find out about scholarships
Check eligibility    Questions about a bill
Submit/check on waiver    Was told by staff to come by

3. How long did you wait for service in minutes?
Less than 10    10 to 20    20 to 30    30 or longer

4. Please rate your level of satisfaction on the below items by using the following scale:
Very Dissatisfied (1); Dissatisfied (2); Neutral (3); Satisfied (4); Very Satisfied (5); N/A (6)

Attitude of Counselors/Professional Staff  
Attitude of Receptionist/Office Staff
Length of wait for in person help
Helpfulness of verbal information
Helpfulness of written information

5. As a result of your Financial Aid Office visit, were your questions answered?
Yes    No

6. Please check the appropriate answer to your financial aid use of on line resources:

Did not know that you could apply and check your award on line.
Was aware of on line resources but prefer to get answers in person.
Do check on line, but it creates questions that I need answered in person.
Always use on line resources, but sometimes need to drop off a form.

7. Age: 17 & Under    18-24    25-34    35-44    45-54    55-64    65+

8. Gender: Male    Female

9. General Comments: