Applying for Aid: Full-time Students

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Step 6 – Recieve Award Notification 

After your FAFSA and TAP applications are processed and all required information has been reviewed, you will receive notification of your Federal, State, and Institutional financial aid awards. Any grants that you are eligible for will be credited towards your tuition charges. However, not every student will qualify for a Pell and/or TAP grant, or be eligible for a grant large enough to meet their educational costs.

All financial aid applicants will be automatically offered a student loan. For the loan to be processed, it must be accepted by the student. Students can accept, adjust, and decline their student loans online using the MCC Banner Student Self-Service System. First time loan borrowers at MCC will also need to complete a Loan Entrance Counseling session, as required by the Department of Education.

Students, who indicated on their FAFSA that they were interested in "work-study", and meet eligibility requirements, will be automatically offered an award for this program as funds allow. The Federal Work-Study award must be accepted by the student in order for the award to be processed and for the student to receive a job listing of FWS positions. Students can accept, adjust, and decline their Federal Work-Study award online using the MCC Banner Student Self-Service System.

Families who need additional funds to meet their financial need may apply for The Federal Direct Parent Loan Program (PLUS), which allows parents to borrow money from the federal government to help pay for their child's educational expenses. For more information, see our Federal Direct Parent Loan page.

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