Tips & Useful Suggestions

Apply early. Attempt to complete the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1.

Get a Federal Financial Aid PIN number. To help facilitate the on-line application process and to be able to access their financial aid information, students and parents should sign up for a Federal Financial Aid PIN. <>

Come prepared. Please come prepared to the Financial Aid Office. Don't assume that we always know what you need or want.

Understand your rights and responsibilities. Be sure to understand your rights and responsibilities, as well as implications of all forms that you sign. To ensure yourself the most aid possible, be organized and take an active role in your financial aid processing.

Read carefully materials provided by our office. All paperwork is sent for a purpose and generally requires some action be taken on the part of the student. If you don't understand the information or what is required of you, bring the information with you when you stop in to see us.

Respond. Please respond promptly to all requests for additional information from our Financial Aid Office. DO NOT ignore requests for additional information. Your financial aid processing will be halted until the necessary paperwork is provided. Also, be sure to include your name and social security number on all correspondence submitted to us.

Consult our Financial Aid counselors. They are here to help you - make use of them! Counselors will sit down with you and answer your individual questions about financial aid at MCC. Come see them at our office Bldg 6 Room 207, or e-mail a counselor at

Keep your address(es) current. Make sure your address(es) are current with the Registrar. Both your home and local address should be kept current. If they are not correct, you run the risk of not receiving communication from us. This can slow down or halt the processing of your financial aid.

Copies, copies, copies! Keep copies of all documents submitted to the Financial Aid Office and note the dates you submitted them. By
doing this you can reference these documents if necessary.

Complete your loan application. If you decide to apply for a loan, you will need to fill out a Stafford Loan Request Form. Loan request forms may be obtained at our office or completed on-line.

Cooperate. Accept that we are all human and sometimes mistakes occur. The financial aid process is a cooperative effort between both MCC and students. Please be sure to include your name and social security number on all correspondence submitted to us.