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FYE Workshops will help you become academically successful, socially integrated into the college environment, and career or transfer ready! If you would like to learn more about the First Year Experience Program at Monroe Community College please feel free to visit our office in Building 3, Room 129.

To schedule a FYE workshop during your class time please contact Matthew Lawson at 292-2495, or e-mail  This page is updated every semester, if you can’t attend a workshop check out our online video options!

-The Authentic Self and Human Connection
This workshop is designed to assist students in developing a true-self personality through  practices of authenticity and networking. Students are encouraged to make connections throughout their academic, professional, and social activities. This workshop will enlighten students on how they can make connections (at MCC and beyond) and why they should always embrace potential opportunities when they arise. Both the in-person workshop and online workshop will contain an introspective self-assessment tool to be evaluated and learned from, as well as potential scenarios in which one can establish their authentic behavior or embrace networking opportunities.
Online Option:

-Basic Home Skills for College Students
This video tutorial goes through some of the basic, yet essential skills, college students need but may not have learned. We will demonstrate how to do laundry the correct way and students will have a chance to see it in action. We will also go over some basic cooking and simple, low cost recipes that are realistic for college students to prepare themselves.
Online Option:

-An Echo To Be Heard: Body Image & Healthy Well-Being
This workshop series delves into the following:
• The idea of what it means to have a “body image”
• Society’s play on how we view our bodies in today’s world
• What it means to have a body and how to “shift the focus-become the echo”
• How to incorporate self-care into a healthy state of being
• College resources that address healthy life styles
Online Option:

-Passport to MCC!
This program is a fun and interactive way to introduce students to the different resources available to them on campus. Students will receive a “passport” and a “travel itinerary” and have an allotted amount of time to visit as many college departments on their itinerary as possible. All the offices housed under Academic Services can be included in this activity. At each office the student must introduce themselves and get answers to specific questions listed on their passport in order to receive a stamp for their visit. The first three students to collect the most stamps in their passport receive a prize!
Will return Fall 2016!

-Money-Minded MCC
This program will utilize the board game Charge Large by Hasbro. The game teaches players about spending cash wisely, the use of credit cards, and managing debts. Before the game we will do a short presentation to give the students tips about debt and allow the students to use this information in gameplay. Following the game we will do another small wrap up presentation, discuss the choices students made, and explain the value of a credit score, including information about ways to build and maintain good credit.

-Get Organized! Tips & Tools for Success!
This program offers a series of 4 mini-programs that can be utilized together or individually. It is important for new students to start early and get good organization skills. We will go over some simple ways to plan ahead during college, such as consistently using a planner or calendar and taking effective notes. By the end of the program, students will have a better understanding of simple organization skills to implement in their learning.
Online Option:

-Healthy Ways to Deal With Stress in College
This program will include a short presentation as well as an opportunity for students to work with each other and put some methods of stress management into action. Students will identify stressors in their life (sharing is optional!) and discuss what they are currently use as coping mechanisms and why. There will be a discussion on common unhealthy ways people deal with stress followed by ideas of positive, healthy coping mechanisms. We will wrap up the class by having each student create a gratitude list.

Contact Information

Brighton Campus
Building 3, Room 129
Mon.-Fri. 8:45 a.m.- 4:45 p.m.
(585) 292-2552

Damon City Campus
Student Services Center
M-F 8:45 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.
(585) 262-1740