Orientation: Why Participate?

photo of MCC students

New Student Orientation is the first step to ensure you a successful transition to or back to higher education. New Student Orientation will introduce you to other new students and also provide you the opportunity to interact with other students like your Student Government Association President, the Peer Mentors, and a variety of students from various clubs and organizations. You will also have the opportunity to receive answers to all your questions from the Peer Mentors.

Outside of the classroom activities (commonly referred to as Co-Curricular) are an important part of a student’s experience. During Orientation, members from Campus Life will provide students with various ways to be involved on campus. You can learn how to gain valuable leadership experiences as well as what opportunities exist for you to earn scholarships to assist financially while you are at MCC or after you transfer to a four year college or university.

Choosing to attend orientation is an indicator to future success in your academic and professional life!