By participating in the workshops, you also will have exciting opportunity to further develop your leadership skills, enhance your writing ability and focus on determining your career field. The workshops are broken down to three areas: Leadership, Career and Transfer, and Writing.

Leadership Workshops

As part of the FYE, you will participate in three leadership workshops. You can choose to learn about your own leadership abilities by participating in Goal Setting, Leadership Ethics & Values, and Stress & Time Management workshops. Or you can choose to learn more about how to work in groups and participate in Group Dynamics, Conflict Resolution, and Teambuilding workshops. Whichever path you choose to explore, you will be joined by other new students in discovering your leadership abilities. 

Students helping each other

Career and Transfer Workshops & Writing Workshops

By enrolling in a two (2) or one (1) credit class, you will also have the chance to participate in great workshops to help you further your focus in a major or career and help you become better writers. If you enroll in a two (2) credit class, we ask that you pick at least three (3) additional workshops to participate in and if you are enrolled in a one (1) credit class, we ask that you pick at least six (6) additional workshops from the list below.

Career and Transfer

  • Filling out the Transfer Common Application
  • Scholarship Workshop
  • Transferring to a Highly Selective College or University
  • Resume Writing: Preparing an Effective Resume and Cover Letter
  • Interviewing Skills: How to make the Best Impression
  • Job Search Strategies: How to Find the Job You Want

Career Forums

  • Careers in Non-Media Communication Fields
  • Panel Discussion - "I was undecided."
  • Student Panel: Pursuing High-Demand Health Programs at MCC
  • What Employers Look for When Hiring Recent College Graduates

Writing Center

  • Myths & Mysteries of Punctuation
  • Grammar Jeopardy
  • Commas: Why Do We Care?