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GEO 195 - Field Studies in the Geosciences

This course is designed for students who wish to study a specific geologic or geographic topic or locality in a focused, hands-on, field setting. A significant portion of the course work is completed in the field at a local or distant location depending upon the title and focus of the course for a given semester. Students will make field observations, create sketches, record data, and construct a field notebook detailing all aspects of their field experience. The course title will have a sub-title attached to it for any given semester identifying the field setting for that semester. Two examples include "Field Studies in the Geosciences/Volcanic Landscapes of the Western US" or "Field Studies in the Geosciences/Geologic History of the Pacific Northwest". Credit hours are variable depending upon the field experience offered. Additional fees for travel, lodging, food, and other field expenses may apply. (SUNY-NS)

Variable Credit

Prerequisites: One Geology or Geography class preferred; permission of the instructor(s) required

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Spring Semester 2014
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