Academic Standing

Academic Standards Policy
Determine your GPA

A student's academic standing is determined on the basis of cumulative average and credits accumulated. Credit hours include: credits earned at MCC and courses with 'F' grades that have not been excluded. Transfer credits granted, and credits by "examination" (proficiency exams, MCC departmental exams, etc.) are not averaged into the GPA for Academic Standing.

Good Standing:
0-12 Credit Hours 1.750-4.000 GPA
12.001-23.999 Credit Hours 1.900-4.000 GPA 
24.000-44.999 Credit Hours 2.000-4.000 GPA 
45.000-99999 Credit Hours 2.000-4.000 GPA 

Academic Probation:
0-12 Credit Hours 1.500-1.749 GPA 
12.001-23.999 Credit Hours 1.750-1.899 GPA 
24.000-44.999 Credit Hours 1.800-1.999 GPA 

Academic Suspension:
0-12 Credit Hours 0.000-1.499 GPA 
12.001-23.999 Credit Hours 0.000-1.749 GPA 
24.000-44.999 Credit Hours 0.000-1.799 GPA 
45.000-99999 Credit Hours 0.000-1.999 GPA