The services provided by Graduation Services assist you in your goal of completing your requirements for your Certificate or Degree. Some of these services are:

  • Distribution of and processing Intent to Graduate applications
  • Auditing program requirements
  • Answering questions and offering advisement regarding degree requirements
  • Notifying students of graduation eligibility
  • Processing Substitution/Waiver forms
  • Helping in the preparation and assembly of the Commencement ceremony
  • Mailing diplomas

Upon request, we will provide the graduate with the following:

  • A duplicate diploma (for lost diplomas)
  • Letter of Verification (for employers, special automobile incentives, etc.)

Graduation Services is also responsible for Academic Suspension and Probation. Some of these processes include:

  • Mailing of Suspension and Probation notices
  • Supervising the Appeal process
  • Managing Academic status on student records
  • Scheduling and assisting in Suspension Advisement and Registration
  • Providing answers pertaining to academic standards and academic standing