Certificate in Honors Studies

Becoming a member of the Honors Institute allows you to graduate with a SUNY certificate in Honors Studies in addition to your regular degree. To graduate with a Certificate in Honors Studies, a student must:

  • Complete ENG 200 – Advanced Composition
  • Complete four additional honors courses, including HON 195 – Honors Seminar in Critical Analysis (minimum 12 credit hours)
  • Complete all certificate requirements with a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or better

Students in honors courses and student members of the Honors Institute at MCC come from programs and disciplines from across the college, and they want a challenging and memorable academic experience – an experience that will prepare them as they continue their education at a wide variety of top American universities and colleges, such as SUNY Geneseo, Cornell University, Columbia University, Amherst College, and Mt. Holyoke College to name just a few.

Institute students are eligible to participate in advanced learning experiences, which involve first-hand encounters with history, culture, politics, the arts, science, and more. Advanced learning experiences will provide students the opportunity to learn about themselves and others in personal encounters through travel, team research and project learning.