Homeland Security Certificate Program

Please Note: The HSMI Certificate Program is a work in progress and is currently in the approval process. It is expected that the certificate program will be approved in the late fall or early winter of 2013. The below courses* will be offered in the Spring 2014.

Homeland Security continues to be a top priority and a critical issue for local, county, state and the federal government agencies as well as the corporate sector. The Homeland Security certificate offers the student a firm foundation in the understanding of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). It provides them with an overview of the primary areas of focus in Homeland Security such as Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Cyber Security and Public Safety Communications.

Graduates of the Homeland Security certificate program can expect to find entry level employment in a myriad of areas that support the DHS. These include Emergency Management, Police, Border and Customs, Immigration, Communications, Fire and numerous other private sector security and support activities.

The curriculum is designed to prepare the student to:

  • Develop a broad overview of Homeland Security and Emergency Management in the US
  • Understand terrorism and terrorist motivation
  • Learn how to assess and safeguard critical infrastructures and key resources
  • Understand Hazardous Materials and Emergency Response
  • Understand the strengths, weaknesses and capabilities of homeland security functions
  • Attain a key understanding of Cyber Security

*The following courses begin Spring Semester 2014 that are requirements or electives of the future HSMI Certificate Program:

  1. HSM101 - Introduction to Emergency Management
  2. HSM103 - Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Terrorism and Homeland Security
  3. CPT120 - Introduction to Cybersecurity
  4. SCR211 - Computer Security 1