Grievance Procedure

Consistent with Monroe Community College policy to ensure fair treatment, including Equal Employment Opportunity to all individuals, both employees and students, the grievance procedures of Monroe Community College are as follows:

A person in each operating division of the College has been designated as Divisional Affirmative Action Coordinator. You may contact this person by calling the Vice President's Office and ask for the Divisional Affirmative Action Coordinator. The coordinator will assist you in utilizing these procedures:

Step 1: The employee or student shall first discuss the complaint with the individual who is immediately able to resolve the issue at the department level.

Step 2: If the matter is not resolved immediately, the employee or a student shall discuss the complaint within fifteen (15) working days of its occurrence with the Vice President or designee from the particular division in which the problem originated. In cases where the complaint concerns alleged sexual harassment in the workplace and the Vice President is a male, a female designee shall be available in each division.

Step 3: If the grievance is not resolved at Step 2, then the complaint will be reduced to writing and submitted to the Vice President within ten (10) working days from the Step 2 meeting. A copy of this complaint will be forwarded to the College Affirmative Action Officer. The Vice President will respond in writing within ten (10) working days of receipt of the written complaint.

Step 4: If the complaint is not resolved at Step 3, then within ten (10) working days of the Step 3 decision, the complaint may be appealed directly to the President. The President may make whatever investigation of the grievance he deems to be appropriate. A final determination shall then be made in writing by the President or designee within fifteen (15) working days of the receipt of the appeal.