All International Students must come to the International Student Services Office prior to travel out of the United States to endorse your I-20 for travel.

Travel to Canada Information

We want to ensure that in leaving and re-entering the U.S. you have all the documents for re-entry. Please contact the International Students Counselor with any questions prior to leaving the country.

F-1 students who leave the United States must have the following documents with them to facilitate their re-entry:

  • Valid passport
  • Valid U.S. visa stamp in their passport (if new visa is needed see above information)
  • Valid "SEVIS" Form I-20 for F-1 status, endorsed on the back by the International Students Counselor.
  • Evidence of financial funding (strongly suggested)
  • Note: during F-1 post-completion practical training, the I-20 must have been signed within the last six months for re-entry. These students should also have the EAD card.)

F-2 spouses and minor children who are not accompanied by the F-1 must have:

  • valid passport
  • valid U.S. visa (if new visa is needed see above information)
  • valid separate Form I-20
  • vidence of financial funding


It is very important that if you are planning on traveling out of the U.S. AND need a new visa stamp in your passport that you speak to the International Student Services Office prior to traveling. You must have a "SEVIS" I-20 issued from our office prior to applying for a new visa stamp.

  • If the dependents have never been given an I-20, then you need to see the International Students Counselor.
  • Those applying for new visas may wish to contact the U.S. Consulate in their country to determine if any additional documents may be required for visa applications and to confirm the hours of operation and length of time needed to secure the visa. It is important to note that the U.S. consulate may require a security clearance which could result in delays in obtaining your visa. We recommend that you apply for your visa as soon as possible after arriving in your home country so that you may reduce the chances that your return to the U.S. will be delayed.
  • For more information on consulate in each country go to

Finally, a certificate of enrollment is available from the Records and Registration Office if you are a registered student at Monroe Community College. This form will provide documentation that you are currently and have been a registered student at Monroe Community College. While this is not a required form for re-entry it will ease in your re-entry to the U.S. if you are questioned at the border. You may request this letter from the Records and Registration Office located in Building 6-203. Calling a day ahead to request the letter is highly recommended (585) 292-2300. There is no fee for this document.