Frequently Asked Questions

What support does MCC offer international students?

  International Student Services
Why study at MCC in the US?   A community college is an excellent place for international students to enter the US system of education. Find out why.

Is there English for speakers of other languages support?

Are there activities and clubs for international students?

  MCC Student Clubs
Is there financial aid for international students?   Campus scholarships may be available to international students who have attended at least one semester with a minimum grade point average of 3.0. Students are encouraged to see MCC's Financial Aid Office. Seeking outside sources is highly encouraged for scholarships: see

What are the tuition and expenses for MCC international students?

  See the official MCC page for tuition and other expense information.
Are there study abroad opportunities?

  Study Abroad
Is there advisement services for international students studying abroad?   MCC offers comprehensive study abroad advising with Study Abroad Advisor Michelle Mayo (585) 292-2248 in the Career and Transfer Center (Building 3-108), as well as Career Center library resources and Internet access.

Is there foreign language instruction at MCC?   Foreign Language at MCC