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is an all-day program offiering the perfect blend of educational and recreation activities for your child. Located on MCC's Brighton Campus, the program is designed to provide children with opportunities to improve their basic skills while continuing their learning over summer vacation.

July 6-10 / Bright Ideas Week
Imagination and invention are the themes this week, as SCFK campers explore the links between science and technology. Rochester has a rich history of scientific discovery and innovation. Campers will work with college professors to conduct hands-on scientific experiments in MCC’s chemistry, biology, and physics labs. We will build our own MCC MakerSpace, where campers will have the opportunity to get creative with all sorts of materials. Our planned field trip will be to the Rochester
Museum and Science Center and the Strasenburgh Planetarium.

July 13-17 / Around the World in Five Days
How do people from other countries celebrate their holidays? How do they create art, cook their traditional foods, and play games? This week, campers will trot around the globe (virtually, of course) to investigate the unique aspects of other cultures. At the end of the week, we will showcase what we have learned with an exciting “wall art” exhibit. No passport is needed, but you should bring your sense of adventure! Field trip to be determined.

July 20-24 / Body and Mind Games
Ask the average teen athlete what he or she wants to do in the future, and the answer will probably be “play in professional sports.” That is a wonderful goal, but did you know that there are many other ways to make sports into a lifelong career? This week, you will meet people who have made physical and mental fitness their business—from sports psychologists and physiologists to professional sports writers. Teen Leaders will take a field trip to the Hale Recreation Pool at RIT, and then design a personal fitness program. You may also plan and run a 5k!

July 27-31 / Heroes, Villains and Adventures
Heard any good stories lately? Maybe you read a book that you just couldn’t put down, or listened to an inspiring speaker, or watched a movie that kept you up way past your bedtime. A good story, well-told, can be a powerful tool for change. Teen Leaders will learn a variety of techniques to tell a good story. You will share stories through digital applications, photographs, sketches, and skits. This week’s field trip is to the Strong Museum of Play.

Aug 3-7 / Lights, Camera, Action!
Rochester has a lot of talent, from jazz musicians to improv actors to
moviemakers. Teen Leaders will meet some of Rochester’s best this week, and learn about careers in the arts. The Teen Leadership Camp will produce the SCFK talent show. You will design the program, build the set, coordinate the rehearsal schedule, and host the event. Maybe you will be the one to say, “Lights, Camera, Action!” Field trip to a local theatre for a tour and show.

Aug 10-14 / Crazy Week
Teen Leaders get to go crazy this week, right along with the SCFK campers! Every day will be different, and you will provide the energy and entertainment to fuel the fun. You may plan a scavenger hunt, host a mystery, put pirate recruits through their paces, or become carnival performers during this last week of camp. The field trip will be to go bowling.

is for children entering 6th ,7th and 8th grades. TLC provides
campers the opportunity to develop leadership skills with MCC
Student Life and Leadership staff. Campers will hone their
leadership skills and then have the opportunity to apply their new skills by participating in leadership activities at the SCFK program part-time.

July 6-10 / Bright Ideas Week

Every day, professionals in science and technology are changing our world. These people are designing, building, and using advanced tools to improve lives everywhere. This week, Teen Leaders will investigate STEM careers in life sciences, optics and imaging, and environmental engineering, to name a few. You’ll learn how science can determine your leadership style, take a STEM career interest survey, and tour STEM-focused organizations in the Rochester area, including MCC’s Applied Technologies Center. You’ll also visit the Rochester Museum and Science Center and the Strasenburgh Planetarium.

July 13-17 / Around the World in Five Days
The “global village” has created exciting new opportunities for people who love to travel or want to learn more about their ancestry. Advances in transportation and communication have made world-travel more accessible for everyone. As a result, Heritage and Multicultural
Tourism is now one of the fastest-growing segments in the travel industry. This week, Teen Leaders will learn about career opportunities within this field. You will plan virtual tours, host guest speakers on diversity from the Rochester area, and visit local businesses that
focus on Heritage and Multicultural Tourism. Field trip to be determined.

July 20-24 / Body and Mind Games
Your mind and your body are linked in all sorts of unexpected ways. This week, SCFK campers will get the inside scoop on physical and mental fitness. We will play games that test the brain and the body. We will learn about nutrition, balance, and coordination. Our guest speakers will include coaches from MCC, and local athletes. We will make a splash at Hale Recreation Pool at RIT, and challenge each other at the first MCC SCFK Olympic Games!

July 27-31 / Heroes, Villains and Adventures
Who’s your favorite superhero? Who’s the villain you love to hate? If you could have any superpower, what would it be? This week, SCFK campers will be thinking, drawing, reading and writing about heroes. We will also learn about local myths and legends. We will have a camp storytelling competition, make tasty treats, and craft costumes to go with our super stories. Our field trip this week is to the Strong Museum of Play.

Aug 3-7 / Lights, Camera, Action!

If “all the world’s a stage,” then this is the week that our campers are stars! In Lights, Camera, Action! Week, SCFK campers will put on a show. We will plan acts, build scenery, rehearse, and perform for an audience at our annual talent show. If you like to sing, dance, tell jokes, play an instrument, or dazzle the eye with your unbelievable magic tricks, then this is the week for you. Field trip to a local theatre for a tour and show.

Aug 10-14 / Crazy Week
We’re upside down, inside out, and standing on our heads this week. Anything goes during the last week of camp! Will we have a carnival? Dress up like pirates? Explore an underwater cave? Spend the day in our pajamas? Or maybe all of the above! Who knows what will happen this week—even the counselors will be surprised! Our field trip will be to go bowling.

Tuition Per Session: $199.00

All Sessions: $1194.00

$10.00 per week discount for additional siblings
Deposit is due upon Registration.
Tuition balance is due 2 weeks prior to enrolled week.

To register, Check out our New Brochure or Call 292-2640 today!

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Field Trips
We will be going on weekly field trips. Previous field trips have included visits to state parks and local recreational attractions. Some of the field trips scheduled for this year include: The Strong National Museum of Play, Rochester Red Wings Game, RIT Recreational Pool, and more! Although each trip will be attended by instructors and assistants, we encourage parent volunteers to join us.

Summer College for Kids is designed for children entering grades 1 through 5 in the Fall of 2015 and a NEW TLC: The Leadership Camp for children in grades 6-8. The program runs Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. for a total of six weeks. Early drop off hours are available at an additional charge of $15.00 per week (7:30 - 8:00 a.m.)

In order to ensure the overall quality and integrity of the program, Summer College for Kids has a limited number of enrollment spaces and all registrations will be processed in order of receipt.

Registration Confirmation
Upon receipt of your child's registration form, his/her registration will be confirmed and you will receive a packet of general information including required forms to be completed and returned before the start of the program.

Refund Policy
A full refund will be made if the College exercises its right to cancel a session or if a session is full at the time your registration is received. Withdrawal must be made two weeks before the first day of your child's session in order to get a tuition refund. Withdrawal requests must be made in writing.

Note: all deposits are non-refundable after June 1, 2015.

Should you need to cancel, please send a letter to the Richard M. Guon Child Care Center stating your name, child's name, and session. The letter must be postmarked two weeks before the first day of your session. Official withdrawal from a session is the responsibility of the participant. Not attending a session, giving notice to an instructor or telephoning the College is NOT an official withdrawal.

Our professional instructional staff members each hold NYS Teaching Certifications. Our staff also includes a certified paramedic who oversees all health and safety policies.

Important Note: MCC may find it necessary to make changes in the curriculum, administration, policies, fees or any other phase of College activity, and reserves the right to make such changes or delete any program described within.

SPECIAL NOTE: If a child is unable to adjust in a reasonable period of time, MCC reserves the right to remove the child from the program. Tuition costs will be prorated according to the number of days of attendance.

Contact Information

College for Kids
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Past Visiting Exhibits:

  • Scales & Tails
  • The Magic Guy
  • Story Tellers
  • The Giant Chess Board
  • Bats Presentation
  • Butterflies Workshops
  • Cartooning
  • The Bubble Man
  • Mime Workshop
  • Archaeologist Presentation
  • Golf Demonstration